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Part Exchange

Looking to upgrade your existing power systems?


When purchasing a brand new generator directly from Worldwide Power Systems, you have the option to trade in your old power set as partial funding towards your new investment. Time-saving and cost-effective, this is the most efficient way to resell your equipment without the hassle of a third-party company.

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How it works

We keep things simple, so you can unleash the power.

To receive a detailed quote within just 24 hours, please provide pictures, hours and full service history of the set you’re looking to part-exchange, and we’ll be in touch in due course. For full details on how to reach us, visit our contact page.




Contact us to send through photographs of your existing equipment. Don't forget the essential details we'll need to know, including operational hours and full service history.

Within just 24 hours, you will receive a personalised quote for your part-exchange equipment, saving you both time and money with a simplified transaction experience.

Trade in old for new, and wait for the exciting delivery of your new power system.  We'll take care of all technicalities, while you look to the future of powered performance.

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